Friday, May 05, 2017

Handbag Invitations for a special Lady 5/5/17

Good afternoon,
I am soo very excited to bring todays creation to  my blog!!
I have been working on this creation for 7-8 weeks.
My very Beautiful Cousin Tracey is turning 50 this year ( who knew we would ever get here so quickly). She knew I did card making, scrapbooking and all things crafty, so thought she would ask me if  I would be interested in making the invitations for her birthday bash.  Of course I said yes, not only is this right up my crafty alley, but it meant I have the opportunity to showcase my talent by creating something a little special ( fit for the occasion ).

Now Tracey is a lady (very girly girl), she always looks stunning with her hair and makeup done. always dressed lovely, and very feminine. so I knew immediately I wanted something pink and girly.
I asked her what she had in mind and she showed me some invites she had seen that she liked.
Tracey said she didn't mind what I did but that she would like the colours pink black and gold incorporated into the card if possible.
I started to think of what was a big part of our childhood, being that we were born late 60's.
Of course funky 70s designs  came to mind and thought paisley originally.  then I thought of all the high hair  fake eyelashes and gloves and handbags!!  I decided I would create a handbag It fitted the criteria perfectly.  

After some brainstorming on how I could make a handbag and make it post friendly I came up with a fold that would fold flat for post, but also stand up so the bag could sit like a hand bag. it took a few goes to get it right so that I could place the invite with the die cut gold 50th on the invite as well.

I originally wanted the butterfly as the decoration on the front of the bag  but decided that once the invite was opened you would not get to see it, if it was put on a fridge. So I decided to put it inside and then came up with the idea to used a small magnet with it to use to help keep it closed.

Then lastly I added the gold oval as the front ornament and some gold chain to make the handbag strap.  I am so happy with how they turned out. I know Tracey is over the moon with them.

I learned a lot during the process of creating and making these Invites and loved the challenge.
I have now been asked to make some more invites by another family member for a high tea... watch this space :)

 Thank you so much for visiting my Blog today

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