Thursday, April 27, 2017

MIA Again!!

Hello my Dear followers,

I have to say I am so very sorry for the delay in posing to my blog. I know its been about 3 weeks which a week longer than I expected.  I did go to Sydney to attend the Stampin' Up® convention (WOW!!! more about that soon).  I then planned to spend a week in Canberra with My beautiful daughter and her two boys along with my twin sons. Best laid plans of mice and men......... of course nothing went to plan exactly!  While in Sydney I had a small car accident :( this was my very first bingle in 22 years of driving. only a minor one with superficial damage thank heavens.

 Then in Canberra on the night I arrived my son injured his eye and tore the lining quiet badly so I had to take him to the ED. he is fine now and eye has all healed. Then on the Thursday before Easter I took ill and spent the whole Easter weekend in bed. On the Monday it became all to much and I was taken by ambulance to hospital. after tests and lots of pain killers they found the problem and I was on the mend again. so I am finally able to go home YAY!!

Friday was the 4th anniversary of Fred, my husband, passing. It caught me off guard and knocked me a little. I spent the day crying and talking about him with my family. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him.

Saturday I headed to my Nephews in Wagga a little over halfway home. I stayed there the night there. I enjoyed spending time with My Nephew and his amazing Partner

I arrived home on Sunday, I must say it was so nice to be back home after so long away.  Monday night, after a day spent unpacking and sorting everything out from being away I decide to cook dinner.  Guess what happens?? you guessed it I burnt myself so off to hospital I go again... This is the 3rd Monday night in a row I have spent in ED . I hope it ends at 3 !!

So long story short I am home again, I am Caught up with most things and my Blog will be active again. I have so much I want to share about the conference and upcoming catalogue.
As you Can see it was quiet an eventful 3 weeks. Here is hoping the only events in the near future are crafting events :)

For now I will leave you with this message

NEVER take anything for granted you just don't know when you may not have it anymore.

 Look forward to bringing you all the news over the next few days

Till then

Happy Crafting

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