Friday, May 12, 2017

Mothers Day 14th May 2017

Hello friends,

In honour of Mothers Day On Sunday 14th May here in Australia, I am not talking about craft today
I am going to talk about my Mum.

My Mum wasn't like anyone else's Mum!  Like everyone I thought my Mum was the best, but that isn't the reason that she was different. You see My Mum was my Maternal Grandmother. She took me in and raised me as her own.  Mum was 51 years old when she took on an 18 month old baby.
Her youngest of 9 children, was 12 years old, so she was well and truly past all things baby. She almost had her freedom back.  Her children spaned 20 years from eldest to youngest.
Not once did she hesitate, Mum just did what was needed to be done. Not once thinking about herself and the sacrifice she was to make, raising her own child's baby.

 There are many reasons how and why this came about and these days they just don't matter anymore.
All that Matters is that I realise the enormous sacrifice she made and now ( as I myself approach 50)
I understand that she made hard choices along the way for the greater good of me.
My mum passed away 10 years ago this June , she was 91. 
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her.
I was so moved by her passing that I wrote a poem that I read at her burial.
I would like to share that with you now


 I have a Mother though she's not mine.
I could not love her more divine
She took me in in as her own
And raised me well, till I was grown

I'm told so often your like Nan
Tough as nails, like a can
Independent, fierce and strong
Giving selflessly each day long

Nothing ever kept her down
For this she was well renowned
Yes, I'm like her!. I'm proud to say
As I stand here before you all today

Along side you all, in our grief
Hurting deeply, with disbelief
That we will never have the chance
Upon her beauty to take another glance

To hold or kiss her just once more
For she has passed through Heavens door
She is at rest, with her maker
Though I wish he did not take her

I am so grateful for this pain
I had her richness, I cant complain
I had much more than many others
I had her LOVE as my MOTHER

I do not need a piece of paper
To tell me what will never waiver
The love between us, strong and deep
Mother and Daughter. For this I weep

I'll miss you Mum, of this I 'm sure
I want to thank you for your love so pure
For giving me your true worth
A MOTHERS LOVE does not need Birth

For after all that's said and done
It's a bond unbroken by anyone
I want to thank you, Though I not know how?
So with my words I tell thee now

 For the strength that you have given me
To become the person, only you could see
For all the lessons, that you did teach
The goals in life, you helped me reach

I hope your lessons keep passing through
To my children and the generations new
So they too can have the richness of your love
Passing on from Heaven above

I say to all that are here today
As you weep your pain away
Don't be sad because she has passed
Just remember how she touched your heart

Thank you for being My Mum

N. Hughes

She may have been an old stick in the mud and very very set in her ways.
Even extremely old fashioned.

She was my MUM

No matter where you are, I hope you all find time to spoil your Mum!!

To all The MUM's out there,
I hope you have an amazing day and your children remind you how special you really are!

Thank you for visiting My Blog

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