Friday, December 02, 2016


Today I embark on a new journey into areas I have never delved before.
This  is my very first blog!!!!
Before I Begin I must give an Enormous shout out to my wonderful team leader and friend
Angela Lorenz
for her amazing patience and assistance in helping me create this blog.
You really are my hero right now
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
from the very depths of my heart

I was introduced to paper craft over 20 years ago, more scrapbooking I admit, until recently. I started venturing into Card making and I am now addicted to making cards.
I love the variety and journey each and every card takes me on as I create them.
I am inspired constantly by the beautiful products in our latest Catalogue.
My biggest issue is deciding which one I am going to get first!!! I want them all 😍 
I do still Scrapbook, just not as often these days as card making.
I am very fortunate that I have a craft room, where I can disappear from the world and get lost in the creativity.

I look forward in the near future to sharing some beautiful cards and how to make tutorials.  
I will supply a list products that I used to create each one,
so you can purchase them from my store if you don't already have them to use.

I will share tips and ideas, storage suggestions, I will even share my disaster stories so you can avoid the same mistakes 🙅

Thank you for joining me on my very first post.
I look forward to sharing with you again soon

Thank you for visiting my Blog

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